When my mom wants to talk to me, this is what I imagine ... I have a shield, I'm wearing armor, and I have a stick that I am poking at her while I say "Back! Back! Stay back! Stay away!"
from Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence, by Rosalind Wiseman (Crown Publishers, New York, 2002). This book was originally intended for parents, claiming to describe "the secret world of girls' friendships". The author did an excellent job conducting interviews and analyzing the meaning, and the book is worth reading for us, too.

Here's a good collection of web sites for teen girls. It's divided by country (U.S., Canada, and England are included) and the list says what each site is about.

United States

Alloy is a large interactive web site operated by the company named Alloy, Inc. It's primarily for teen girls. It offers coverage of entertainment, sections about fashion and beauty, chat, advice columns, etc.
Educating Jane
Educating Jane is a medium-sized web site set up by a woman in Ohio named Dawn Nocera. It provides teen girls with school help and information about careers, and it encourages identification with women role models.
girls inc.
girls inc. is a national organization reaching hundreds of thousands of girls. The web site mentions that most centers are "located in low-income areas", and "61% of girls we serve belong to racial and ethnic minority groups". The site has message boards and lots of resources pages.
GirlSite is a medium-sized web site based in California. It has articles featuring advice for teen girls, and stories about women role models.
GirlsNight is a medium-sized web site based in California. It includes information about fashion, beauty, and relationships.
Girlstart is a medium-sized web site based in Texas. It encourages teen girls' participation in science and math, and includes stories about women role models.
girlynation is a medium-sized web site based in Nevada. It provides news and tips about fashion and beauty.
go girls
go girls is a small web site in Seattle, Washington. It provides information about self esteem and body image for teen girls, and discusses how some types of advertising promote an unrealistic body image.
Go-Girl is a medium-sized web site based in New York, for girls in their junior and senior years of high school. Part of the site is about choosing colleges, and other parts feature various topics such as advice, fashion, beauty, and fitness.
iEmily is a health and wellness site for girls. The site is based in Massachusetts and covers many aspects of physical and emotional health.
J-14 is a medium-sized web site based in New Jersey. It covers fashion and beauty topics of interest to teen girls, and has a large set of fun quizzes that test your knowledge about celebrities.
Ophelia Project
The Ophelia Project is a national organization based in Pennsylvania. It promotes the safety, self-confidence, and health of girls. One of the major focus areas is relational aggression (peers inflicting social and emotional damage on one another).
Pearls for Teen Girls
Pearls for Teen Girls is a leadership development program based in Wisconsin. It builds communities for mutual support and for identifying role models. Pearls groups meet in person, but the web-site information can be useful even if there are no groups in your local area.
SmartGirl features writing and discussions for teen girls. The web site is operated by women at the University of Michigan. You can submit stories or poems, write reviews (about books, movies, music, etc.), and write opinion surveys.
Teen Voices
Teen Voices presents lots of material by and for teen girls. Topics covered include health, relationships, art, and culture. The web site says it "challenges the mainstream media's harmful images of girls and women".
Twist is a medium-sized web site for teen girls based in New Jersey. It covers celebrity fashion, and has a large set of fun quizzes that let you learn about your personality type.


Eve is produced by six persons in Quebec, and is an English language site. It provides stories about the empowerment of women, as well as other articles, discussions, and poetry. The home page points out that "teenage girls can do more than apply make-up and idolize celebrities", so this site isn't a place to go for make-up or celebrity information!
Funkyteen is a medium-sized web site that covers fashion, beauty, and a few other topics. It also has message boards.


Girland provides message boards, discussions of embarrassing moments, and art contributed by its members. The site description says "We have received several letters from parents telling us that our website is the only one that they would allow their children to use, thanks to our level of individual care, our set of positive values and our strictly enforced standards."
mykindaplace is a large web site for teen girls with many features including chat, message boards, and articles. It covers fashion, beauty, health, and a lot of celebrity information.
Pink World
Pink World has a message board for teen girls and some information about celebrities, fashion, and beauty. The description says it's about a world where "kooky chicks rule and boys are all as beautiful as Justin Timberlake". The web site is very, very pink.
Sisters Unlimited
Sisters Unlimited is a site about enhancing the lives of teen girls. It's produced by four women who live together in London. The site covers advice, personal development, career planning, and discussion of new happenings and trends. There's also a message board.
teentoday.co.uk is one of the largest sites for teens in England. Chat and message boards are both available, as well as the latest news about films, music, and celebrities. There's also a life guides section, described as providing information "minus all the preachy whiny stuff".
Wicked Colors
Wicked Colors provides information to teen girls about beauty, fashion, relationships, and careers. It has both message boards and live chat.

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